Cavern View Antiques - Howes Cave, NY

Jim and Mara Kerr, owners

Antiques for Sale

  • From our web site (click on "For Sale" tab above)
  • At antique shows (click on "Show Schedule" tab above)
  • In our home shop by appointment
  • As eBay seller “Ovations” at
  • At Ontario Mall Antiques, Route 332, Farmington, NY (Floor Spaces # 31 and  #66 along with Case #194) (

Appraisal Services

  • Estate tax value
  • Insurance replacement value
  • Resale value
  • Equitable distributions
  • Charitable donations
  • Written and verbal appraisals available


Antiques Bought and Brokered

  • Individual items
  • Collections
  • Estate/House contents


Estate / Household Sales Managed

  • Private sales conducted with large customer base
  • Public sales advertised locally and on the internet
  • Competitive commission rates